Scholarship Opportunities

Since 1961, the QCSO has administered a yearly scholarship program through which funds are awarded QCSYEs members who make extraordinary musical and extra-musical contributions to the success of the youth ensemble program.

Recipients of awards are expected to use the funds for continued pursuit of their musical studies. Contributions from civic organizations, community patrons, and the QCSO Board of Trustees and Volunteers for Symphony all help to support this scholarship program. Scholarship eligibility, factors for consideration, application process, and decision timeline for each QCSYE scholarship are announced each season.



Judith Katz Memorial Scholarship

This award was established in 1999 by Ruth Evelyn Katz in memory of her daughter, Judith, who died in 1997. The award is intended to recognize the highest achievement by a Youth Symphony Orchestra member in the performance of his or her instrument. Candidates for the award must be at least second-year members of the Youth Symphony Orchestra and plan to study music in college. The amount of the Katz Scholarship is determined each year by the Quad City Symphony Trust. Recipient will be identified by an audition (click hto jump to the bottom of the page for more information).


Marino-Ohmes Concertmaster Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by Dawn Marino-Ohmes in recognition of the importance of the orchestra’s concertmaster and the responsibilities and leadership that he or she provides to the entire orchestra’s membership. Dawn is a former concertmaster of the Quad City Youth Symphony and Dubuque Symphony Orchestras, and is Associate Concertmaster of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra. This is automatically awarded to the concertmaster of the Quad City Symphony Youth Orchestra each year.


Ada Marie Snyder Memorial Scholarship

This is a scholarship set up in memory of Ada Marie Snyder. Its purpose is to assist students with a financial need who have significant musical talent. The scholarship funds are to be used for those expenses related to development as a musician. The funds are distributed on a three-year rotation to students of the upper strings, lower strings and woodwinds/brass. 2018: Upper Strings


Robert A. and Patricia Hanson Scholarship

This award was established in 2001 through a gift by Robert A. Hanson and his wife Patricia to the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend. Robert A. Hanson was president of Deere & Company.

Four $1,000 Awards

Henry and Beatrice Neuman Memorial Scholarship

Beatrice and Henry Neuman are parents of Eloise Smit, former youth orchestra chairman. In June 1983, the four children of Henry and Beatrice Neuman established a scholarship fund in honor of their parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary. The Neuman family has surrounded themselves with music for many years and continues to demonstrate loyalty to the QCSO. Eloise Smit currently serves on the Board of Trustees.


James Dixon Memorial Scholarship

James Dixon was Music Director and Conductor of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra. He also conducted the Youth Symphony Orchestra from 1966-1984, and was a trumpet player. This award was established in 1994 upon his retirement from leadership of the QCSO.


Etude Club Scholarship

Established in the spring of 2006, The Etude Club Scholarship is in memory of Rosalie Murphy, a long-time violinist in the Quad City Symphony Orchestra. Two awards are given to string players. Preference in awarding should be given to 11th grade students. Recipients are asked to give a short performance at either the May or October Etude Club meeting.

Four $250 Awards

Volunteers for Symphony Century Scholarship

Members from any of QCSYEs’ five performance groups are eligible to apply for this scholarship, which is designed to promote student volunteerism and leadership.

Two $500 Awards

Atlee Hendricks Memorial Scholarship

Atlee Hendricks was a physician in the Quad Cities. Upon his death a youth orchestra fund was created to assist with financial aid. These scholarships will be awarded through the Financial Aid process.

Financial Aid Process

2017-18 Scholarship Recipients

Judith Katz Memorial Scholarship
Claire Thomsen, Flute

Marino-Ohmes Concertmaster Scholarship
Annie Warner, Violin

Ada Marie Snyder Memorial Scholarship
Avery Monson, Violin

Robert A. and Patricia Hanson Scholarship
Mackenzie Rice, Violin
Avery Luepker, Percussion
Hailey Nicholson, Cello
Alyson Holevoet, Bassoon

Henry and Beatrice Neuman Memorial Scholarship
Emma Vaaler, Violin

James Dixon Memorial Scholarship
Gage Tittle, Trombone

Etude Club Scholarship
Serina Daniels, Violin & Piano
Megan Holevoet, Trombone
Lauren Schroeder, Oboe & English Horn
Mark Moen, Violin

Volunteers for Symphony Century Scholarship
Daniela Rybarczyk, Viola
Faith Weis, Cello

Katz Scholarship Audition Information

The Judith Katz Memorial Scholarship is a major scholarship intended to “set a standard,” to encourage higher achievement among youth ensemble members, and to further the goals and mission of the Youth Symphony Orchestra. It is awarded on the basis of a special juried audition each year to a senior member of the Quad City Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The amount of the Katz Scholarship is determined each year by the Quad City Symphony Trust.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, February 4, 2019 by 12:00 PM (Noon)


Application Requirements

All candidates for the Katz Scholarship must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be in at least his or her second consecutive year of membership and must be a member of YSO.
  • Applicant is a senior in high school.
  • Applicant may apply on only one instrument and must play that instrument in YSO.
  • Applicant must express an intent to study music at a college, university or conservatory, and maintain full-time student status.
Audition Requirements

To audition for the Katz Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Each applicant must perform 2 contrasting pieces (both style and composer) and may include no more than one solo piece (without accompaniment).
  • Each piece must be at least 5 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes long based of the length of the piece without any cuts.
  • If one piece or selection is shorter than five minutes, a second movement from the same piece may be added and considered as one piece. (i.e. a 3-minute movement and a 5-minute movement from the same piece would be considered one piece of 8 minutes).
  • Piano accompaniment must be provided for all pieces writing with accompaniment and the applicant must provide the accompanist.
  • Memorization is not required.
  • If requested, the applicant must provide full or piano scores of each piece for the jury.
  • The jury reserves the right not to award the scholarship if the jury feels that the proper level is not met.
  • The audition is not open to the public.
  • All applicants will receive comments from the jury made up of the QCSO Music Director, members of the QCSO and/or guest adjudicators.
  • Scholarship will be paid directly to the school in equal payments for four years.

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