Board of Trustees

Quad City Symphony Orchestra utilizes the board to supervise the affairs of the organization and to advance the mission and vision throughout the community.

R. Hovey Tinsman III, President*  |  President, Twin State

Darlene SteffenExecutive Vice President*  |   Certified Financial Planner

Katie Marchik, Treasurer*  | Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, UnityPoint Health-Trinity

Aaron Wetzel, Secretary* | Vice President, Global Crop Care Platform, Deere & Company

Annette Tephly, Past President*  |  Assistant General Counsel, Modern Woodmen of America


Julie Abramowski  |  Vice President, Corporate Controller, HNI Corporation

Victor Almgren  |  President and CEO, Moline Forge, Inc.

Brian Baxter (Ex-officio)*  |  Executive Director, Quad City Symphony Orchestra

Seneca Black | Chemist, Exelon Generation

Alana Carroll | Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

Carl Cartwright  |  Executive Director for Acquisition and Integration Management, U.S. Army Sustainment Command

Allie Conklin  |  Director of First-Year Admissions, St. Ambrose University

Chris Connolly*  |  Branch Manager, Wells Fargo Advisors

Patricia Duffy  |  President, Personal Marketing Research, Inc.

William Garrett | Financial Representative, Transamerica

Shirley Gusta*  |  Director, Business Intelligence Center, Genesis Health System

Susan Hippler  |  ExxonMobil Corporation (Retired)

Maitreyi Janarthanan | Medical Director, Muscatine Urgent Care

Erie Johnson  |  Vice President/Trust Officer, First Community Trust

Robert Lelonek | Chief Technology Officer, Sedona Technologies

Darlene Link (Ex-officio)*  |  President, QCSO Volunteers for Symphony

Joseph Lohmuller  |  Chair, Surgical Division of the Genesis Health Group

Ann McNamara  |  Retired

Katelyn Flynn Medina*  |  Attorney, Deere & Company

Ryan Morency  |  Co-Owner, Bright Bat Design

Charlotte Morrison  |  VP, Mktg. & Comm., QC Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Zachary Morton | Director of Instrumental Music, Moline High School

Jim Niedelman  |  News Anchor, WHBF and Fox 18

Sara Pennington | Human Resource Director & Facility Security Officer, Fontaine Consulting

Marysue Salmon  |  Owner, Cuisine Cooking School

Gregory P. Schermer*  |  GPS Holdings, LLC

Mark Russell Smith (Ex-officio)  |  Music Director, Quad City Symphony Orchestra

Tom Spitzfaden*  | Retired from Deere & Company

R. Scott Van Vooren*  |  Partner, Lane and Waterman LLP

Melissa von Maur  |  Community Volunteer

Archana Wagle*  |  Anesthesiologist, UnityPoint Pain Management Clinic

David C. Waterman  |  Attorney, Lane and Waterman LLP

Zachary Weatherspoon | Director, Global Internal Audit, Deere & Company

Mindy Zumdome  |  Director of Human Resources, Augustana College

*Executive Committee

Honorary Trustees
Mrs. Philip D. Adler*
Mr. William Appier*
Mrs. Louis C. Arp, Jr.*
Steve Bahls
Mr. Tom Bates*
Joyce Bawden
Miss Margaret C. Becker*
Mrs. Stuart Briggs*
Charles W. Brooke*
Mrs. Carl Budelier*
Mr. John M. D. Burrows*
Mrs. Ben Butterworth*
Mrs. Henry Carlson*
James Chamberlin*
Daniel Churchill
Mrs. George Coin
Mrs. Grace Hepburn Croff*
James D. Davis
Mrs. Shirley Drake*
Mrs. Raymond Dutro*
Mrs. Dick Evans*
Mr. Ted Ewing
Mr. George French*
Karen Getz*
Mr. William Getz*
Mrs. William Getz*
Mrs. Glen Gierke*
Mrs. Mildred Good*
Mrs. David Gottlieb*
Mrs. George Green*
Marvel Green
Mrs. J. Paul Green*
Carolyn Hamilton
Mr. Earl Hanson*
Robert A. Hanson*
Diane Harris
Mrs. Zeivel Harris*
Mrs. Ben Harrison*
Rose Ann Hass
Mrs. Leon Hass*
Mr. William K. Henigbaum*
Mrs. Ralph Heninger*
Mrs. Eugene Hippler*
Susan Honsey
Jim Horstmann
Mrs. Albert Hyink*
Miss Leila Jorgensen*
Mrs. Isador I. Katz, Honorary Chairperson*
Mark J. Kleinschmidt
Mrs. George Koivun*
Mrs. Harry Kutsunis*
Miss Meta Lerch*
Pierre E. Leroy
Mrs. George Lewthwaite*
Mrs. Paul R. Linden*
Mrs. Albert Livingston*
Mrs. A. B. Lundahl*
Helen E. Maes*
Mrs. Terry Marsh*
Alice Von Maur McDonald*
Donald F. McDonald*
Julie McHard-Shike
Jill N. McLaughlin
Judy McNamara*
Mrs. Walter Mogler*
Mrs. Charlotte Mohr*
Mrs. Charles Munson*
Marion Murphy*
Mr. George F. Neiley, Jr.*
Robert J. Nixon, Jr.*
Mr. Thomas O. Nobis*
Mrs. John O’Donnell*
Nancy L. Oppenheimer
Dr. David Palmer*
Mr. Howard Parkhurst*
Mrs. Willard S. Pheteplace*
Mrs. Charles Pierce
Mr. Dudley Priester*
Mr. Thomas Priester*
Susan Quail
Mrs. O. E. Schauland*
Mr. John F. Schuette*
Mrs. Barbara Searles*
Mr. Otto Seiffert*
Mrs. Otto Seiffert*
Mr. Richard G. Silliman*
Eloise A. Smit
Jean Steffenson*
Mr. Richard Stibolt*
Mrs. Kay Stegmiller Tarr
Mrs. Sara Thoms
R. Hovey Tinsman, Jr*
Mary Ann Tyler*
Mrs. Richard B. von Maur, Sr.*
Mrs. Vonnie Wallander*
Mr. Robert V. P. Waterman*
Mrs. Robert V. P. Waterman*
Mrs. C. D. Waterman, Jr.
Mr. William Waterman*
Kathleen B. Wilson
Don Wooten
Former Board of Trustees Presidents
1915-18 Alfred C. Mueller*
1919-21 Mrs. Frank Gates Allen*
1921-22 Robert Wagner*
1922-23 John S. Dow*
1923-24 Charles Rosenfield*
1924-26 Kalman Spelletich*
1926-29 D. M. King*
1929-30 Henry C. Priester*
1930-32 Fred L. Strieter*
1932-33 Kuno H. Struck*
1933-34 Meredith Ostrom*
1934-36 James Chamberlin*
1936-39 Otto Seiffert*
1939-41 John Shenk*
1941-42 William B. Waterman*
1942-46 Howard Weis*
1946-48 William Getz*
1948-50 John M. D. Burrows*
1950-51 George French*
1951-53 Donald Colvin*
1953-55 Donald F. McDonald*
1955-57 Thomas O. Nobis*
1957-60 George F. Neiley, Jr.*
1960-62 H. Thomas Bates*
1962-63 David Palmer*
1963-65 Thomas Priester*
1965-67 Robert V. P. Waterman*
1967-69 Howard Parkhurst*
1969-71 Richard A. Stibolt*
1971-73 Dudley B. Priester*
1973-75 Richard G. Silliman*
1975-77 John F. Schuette*
1977-79 Eugene C. Hawkinson*
1979-81 John R. Strieter
1981-83 Charles W. Brooke*
1983-85 Jill N. McLaughlin
1985-87 Ted B. Ewing
1987-89 Polly N. Hippler*
1989-91 James D. Davis
1991-93 Joyce G. Bawden
1993-95 John L. Kindschuh*
1995-97 Robert J. Nixon, Jr.*
1997-99 Nancy L. Oppenheimer
1999-01 R. Hovey Tinsman, Jr.*
2001-03 Patricia E. Duffy
2003-04 Dan Churchill
2004-05 Patricia E. Duffy
2005-07 Sara J. Thoms
2007-09 Gregory P. Schermer
2009-11 Mark J. Kleinschmidt
2011-13 Julie McHard
2013-15 Scott Van Vooren
2015-17 Sue Honsey
2017-20 Tom Spitzfaden 
2020-22 Annette Tephly
Board of Directors of the Trust

Jill McLaughlin, Chair
John Hayes
Don Pedersen
Gregory Schermer
Tom Spitzfaden
Hovey Tinsman, QCSO Board President
Katie Marchik, QCSO Board Treasurer
R. Scott Van Vooren, Counsel

QCSO Music Directors

1916-1933  Ludwig Becker
1933-1936  Frank Kendrie
1936-1937  Frank Laird Waller
1937-1949  Oscar Anderson
1949-1954  Harry John Brown
1954-1956  Piero Bellugi
1956-1965  Charles Gigante
1965-1994  James Dixon
1995-1997  Kim Allen Kluge
1999-2007  Donald Schleicher
2008-Present  Mark Russell Smith

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