Conductor’s Circle

the-conductors-circleChartered in 1989 by the Board of Trustees of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra Association (QCSO), the Conductor’s Circle was established to clearly identify this select group of donors whose commitment, vision, and concern for the future of the QCSO are demonstrated by their tangible support of its endowment – the Quad City Symphony Trust.

Membership in the Conductor’s Circle is accorded each friend who makes provision for the QCSO through the Symphony Trust as part of his or her estate planning or who makes a direct gift to the Trust at the current designated level. Special designated funds also may be established in consultation with the QCSO to honor an individual or family name.

Conductor’s Circle members are invited to an annual event at which the QCSO’s achievements and future plans are reviewed. In gratitude for their generosity, members are also given priority reservations to selected Symphony concerts and events.

Membership in the Conductor’s Circle brings each donor the dual satisfaction of providing funds for the Symphony of today and perpetuating the Symphony of tomorrow in our new century.

The Next Century

The intent of the Trust is to provide on-going support of the QCSO through annual distributions, strengthening what we do and allowing us to grow and advance our mission. Strategic objectives that necessitate a strong endowment include addressing critical challenges in two inherently interlinked areas: education and audience growth. Our endowment is crucial to provide annual funding that focuses on development in these two areas.


  • Annual guest artist residences to augment our current educational programs, as well as support music educators in their educational curriculum with engagements such as our Private Lesson Program
  • Continue and grow the current K-12 educational engagement programs, as well pursue new opportunities to support area music educators in their educational curriculum
  • Expand the performance and educational opportunities of the five current youth training ensembles , including the goal of keeping music in­struction affordable through need based youth scholarships and a loaned instrument program

Audience Growth

  • Engage surrounding communities with targeted marketing efforts – additional educational offerings and smaller run-out concerts
  • Offer exciting and varied Pops Concerts to help us reach new audiences
  • Raise the artistic profile of the QCSO regionally and nationally by continuing to offer challenging repertoire including annual world premieres, and higher profile guest artists

The Trust provides an annual draw to the QCSO based on five percent of a twelve quarter rolling average. These assets help provide the foundation of greatness for the Symphony. Your legacy gift will build off this platform and take the Symphony to new heights in our second century!

The Trust Committee includes: Dan Churchill, John O. Hayes, Jill N. McLaughlin, Don Pedersen, Gregory P. Schermer, Annette Tephly (ex-officio), Katie Marchik (ex-officio). 

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