Thank you for registering for a QCSYE audition! Please submit an audition video* (containing both video and audio) and complete the Audition Submission Form below. You can share your video via a Dropbox or unlisted YouTube link.

Video Recording Guidelines

  • Recordings can be made with basic equipment, including a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, equipped with a built-in microphone and video camera. High quality recording equipment is NOT necessary.
  • While sound quality of submitted videos may vary due to differences in recording equipment, judges will listen for the overall quality of a students performance and not the quality of recording.
  • Audition recordings must be completed in a single take (no editing or piecing together) in this order: scales, solo, excerpt(s). Any evidence of video manipulation may disqualify the submission. Auditionees may record the audition as many times as they’d like, and should submit the recording they believe best represents their playing.
  • Your instrument and your full person should be visible in the video so judges can assess technique and posture. Please minimize other visual distractions in the video (music stand not blocking view of student or instrument, family members, etc.).
  • One submission per student will be accepted. Multiple submissions from a single student are not allowed unless auditioning on multiple instruments.
  • Please review video before submitting to ensure that required components are included and video is properly uploaded.
  • If you do not have access to a recording device or internet, please email
  • Submissions are due by Monday, May 18 at 3:00 PM. If you have questions regarding the audition video submission process, please contact Chelsea Schwarzkopf, QCSYE General Manager, at
  • Video length should not exceed 10 minutes.


    Instrumentalists, please perform your audition in the following order:

  1. Begin your video by stating your name and instrument (“Hello, my name is John and I am auditioning on the clarinet.”)
  2. Two major scales of your choice (Winds also include a chromatic scale).
    • You are free to choose which scales your perform, but the difficulty, maturity, and range of your choices can affect ensemble placement.
    • Scale levels for Youth String Ensemble, Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, and Youth Symphony Orchestra are listed in the Audition Guide.
  3. Solo (one minute excerpt)
    • Record one solo that demonstrates your best technical and expressive abilities. This can be drawn from etudes, solo repertoire, or pieces you have learned.
    • Choose your selection with guidance from your instrumental teacher or ensemble conductor if possible.
    • Solo selection must not exceed 1 minute in length. If your solo or solo movement is longer than one minute, please make musically appropriate cuts.
  4. Excerpt(s)

If you have questions regarding audition requirements, please reference the Audition Guide or email

 Vocalists, directions TBA.

Youth Choir auditions will be held via Zoom on Thursday, May 21 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. You can sign up for a time HERE. Directions for your Zoom audition will be sent two days before the audition date. Note: If this date and time does not work for your schedule, please email, and we will schedule an alternative date.

The audition will consist of simple vocal warm-ups and singing the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and will take approximately 10 minutes.


  • The primary criterion for placement is the student’s playing, including factors such as sound quality, pitch, rhythmic accuracy, intonation, technique, and expression.
  • Other factors such as age or instrumentation needs may be considered as well.

Financial Aid is available. The QCSYE is committed to serving students regardless of financial constraints, especially given the impact of COVID-19 on our community. The Financial Aid Application will be made available once placement letters are sent in late May.


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