On a recent visit to a remote planet in the farthest reaches of the Milky Way system, I sensed something – a presence I had not felt since my days on Tatooine. I was drawn to the Adler Theatre where the Jedi masters of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra were performing for hundreds of young Padawans at the annual Quad City Symphony Orchestra Family Concert. I could tell the Force was strong with these musicians, but I found their lack of faith in the Dark Side disturbing.

After hearing the themes of heroic movies such as The Force Awakens, Attack of the Clones, Harry Potter, E.T., Star Trek, and Apollo 13, it became apparent that Guest Conductor and clarinetist Carl Topilow was part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! He had taught them well, but it was time for the Quad City Symphony Orchestra to experience the power of the Dark Side. With our combined strength, the symphony and I could bring order to the galaxy. After banishing Mr. Topilow to the distant planet Wobani, I stepped on the podium to conduct the greatest movie theme ever composed – The Imperial March. Together we were unstoppable and after the final notes of the piece, the audience had realized the power of the Dark Side. Until Superman showed up! The force may be strong, but it is no match for the Man of Steel.

Knowing I was defeated, I hung my head in shame and returned to my ship. In the distance, I could hear the celebratory sounds of the Superman Theme and Cantina Band as the rebel audience enjoyed their latest triumph over the Empire. As I piloted my TIE Fighter back to Coruscant, I was already planning my revenge. I will be back, Quad City Symphony… soon!


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