Community Programs

Throughout its history, the QCSO has always had strong bonds with its surrounding communities. Whether through partnerships with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club or an informal performance at a winery, the QCSO is always working to find new and unique ways to engage Quad Citizens of all ages.

Boys and Girls Club Cello Program

In 2017, the QCSO and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley (BGCMV) launched a new initiative aimed at creating access to music education.

Community Performances

The QCSO annually provides over 50 community presentations/performances featuring Quad City Symphony Musicians and Soloists.

Quad Cities Past & Present

Until September 15th, we will be accepting artistic responses (writing, visual art, music, film, etc.) to the prompt “What Does It Mean To Be A Quad Citizen?”

Contact Marc Zyla, Director of Education & Community Engagement, for more information.

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