Rehearsal Absence/Tardiness Form

Consistent attendance at all QCSYEs events—including retreats, rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and concerts—is one of the most important commitments a QCSYEs member can make in support of the organization’s success. Rehearsals and performances are central to the QCSYEs program, and each member’s experience is directly influenced by his/her colleagues’ level of commitment. Attendance impacts musical quality and esprit de corps, thus QCSYEs relies on everyone to help foster a culture of mutual support and individual commitment.

QCSYEs musicians are permitted the following number of rehearsal absences:

  • Two absences between August 20 and the November 12 concert
  • Two absences between November 13 and the February 25 concert
  • Two absences between February 26 and the April 29 concert

All absences are treated equally, regardless of nature, and will be added to your absence total. The only exception to this policy (conflicts with school music program events) is described below. Please plan ahead to avoid exceeding your permitted number of absences for each concert cycle. 

Reporting an Absence
If you are going to miss a regular weekly rehearsal, or a portion of the Fall Retreat, you should complete this form at least two weeks in advance of your absence or tardiness. Forms for absence from dress rehearsals must be submitted at least one month in advance (see below for more details). If, as in the case of emergency or illness, you are unable to give advanced notice of an absence, please send an email to Montana Farrell ( indicating that you will not be at rehearsal and giving a specific reason for your absence. In such instances, please also fill out this form.

Absence Policy Exception: School Music Program Conflicts
If you will miss a rehearsal due to participation in a school music program event, please indicate so in the description of your absence on the Rehearsal Absence/Tardiness Form. At the discretion of the conductors and staff, these absences will not be counted toward your total number of permitted absences.

Dress Rehearsals and Concerts
Rehearsals identified as dress rehearsals are especially important for the success of a concert. Attendance at all dress rehearsals is mandatory. If an unavoidable conflict will make it impossible for you to attend a dress rehearsal, you are expected to submit the online Rehearsal Absence/Tardiness Form and notify your conductor in person as soon as possible and at least one month in advance of the QCSYEs dress rehearsal. Absence from a dress rehearsal may result in a member not being permitted to perform the concert. Attendance at all concerts for your ensemble is mandatory. If you have a school music program event on the same date as a QCSYEs concert, or if other extraordinary circumstances prevent you from performing a concert, submit the online Rehearsal Absence/Tardiness Form and notify your conductor in person as soon as possible and at least one month in advance of the QCSYEs concert. Missing a concert without an excuse from your conductor may result in dismissal from the QCSYEs program without a tuition refund.

Late Arrival to and Early Departure from Rehearsal
QCSYEs members are encouraged to begin developing the professional habit of arriving at least fifteen minutes early to rehearsal. If a member arrives more than ten minutes late to rehearsal, or must be excused more than ten minutes early from rehearsal, a half absence will be added to his/her total absence count.

Attendance Consequences
If a member exceeds the maximum number of permitted absences for a given concert cycle, s/he may be asked to sit out all QCSYEs activities (without a tuition refund) until the next concert cycle begins. A written petition for reconsideration may be submitted in the event of extraordinary circumstances.

Rehearsal Absence Form