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WVIK/QCSO Signature Series III:  Horn Fourtune - The QCSO Horn Section

February 26, 2017 at 2:00 PM
Wallenberg Hall, Augustana College

Sitting far, far away at the back of the orchestra for most Masterworks performances is the stand-out QCSO horn section!  This instrument with a broad range of colors, from majestic, to tender to mysterious, and these four exceptional musicians assemble in a program of beauty and power that will inspire.

Marc Zyla HORN
Peter Kortenkamp HORN
Stephen Burian HORN
Allison Tutton HORN


KAZIMIERZ MACHALA Intuitions for Horn Quartet
1. Poco allegro
2. Larghetto espressivo
3. Presto

PAUL HINDEMITH Sonata for Four Horns
1. Fugato
2. Lebhaft
3. Variationen


BERNARD HEIDEN Quartet for Horns
1. Moderato
2. Adagio
3. Vivace

KERRY TURNER Quartet no. 3
1. The Sooners
2. The Homesteaders
3. Ghost Town Parade
4. Finale


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